Our Goal:

To constantly monitor for new technology practices to keep the classes we teach at the Training Center at the apex of search and rescue training. By testing on our material used in the class and instructor evaluations in the filed for each student, we can assure that our students will be 2nd to none.

To provide safe, scenario based training opportunities to give SAR and First Responder personnel the chance to deal with scenarios that are as close to real life emergencies as possible.

To provide training at all levels from awareness to a technician level and beyond.

To keep an up-to-date database of mission ready personnel and their level of training.

To give our students an opportunity to recertify every 2 years in each discipline of Search and Rescue in order to keep their individual mission ready status.

Kentucky Search and Rescue Training Center

Mission Statement:

To provide the most current and up-to-date training for SAR Personnel as well as all First Responders in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.